Executive Team

Mitchell Seitzinger
Senior Principal

Mitch oversees operations for The Bridgewater Group, bringing his two decades of experience as a business manager and principal to the table for every client. He is a licensed CPA well-versed in the tax ramifications and valuation of many entity structures, notably S-corporations, limited liability companies and special-purpose entities.

Prior to founding The Bridgewater Group, Mitch served as CFO and operations manager for RealNet Investments, which he purchased in 2009. He also owns and operates Gecko & Fox Investments, LLC, a group that focuses on residential and commercial real estate investments, debt instruments, business loans and credit lines.


Marla Owens
Accounting Manager

Marla is the accounting manager for The Bridgewater Group, managing all bookkeeping and financial reporting functions that include complex state-to-state regulations associated with commercial real estate. She is a certified paralegal, licensed tax preparer and previously worked as a licensed real estate agent.

Marla has worked in real estate development and accounting management for more than 25 years. She served as the accounting manager for RealNet and joined Mitch when he founded The Bridgewater Group, bringing with her a keen understanding of commercial real estate development and accounting.


Darrick Swartout

Darrick is an accountant who graduated from Portland State in 2014 with a Bachelor’s Degree in accounting. He has worked for The Bridgewater Group since 2014, providing general accounting, payroll and tax services.

In addition to his service for The Bridgewater Group, Darrick works for Permanente Dental Associates, a dental partner of Kaiser Permanente. At Permanente Dental, he manages all accounting functions, and administers both defined benefit and defined contribution plans for more than 175 employees.